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Follow-up! Follow-up! Follow-up!

n      Follow-up Letters

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Physical Presentation and Appearance

Physical presentation and appearance are two of the biggest factors that your success as a professional hinges on.  Whether you are pounding  the pavement applying for positions, attending an actual interview, enrolling clients into your practice, or working with a client; the first impression you give to others can make or break any future relationship … Read More »


Brief Tips for Writing Successful Cover Letters

Why a cover letter?

  1. You can?t send a resume naked
  2. It is business etiquette, common courtesy
  3. Pessimistic view: to keep reader from throwing away resume
  4. Optimistic view: see it as a sales letter that tells the target employer what you will do for him/her
  5. It supports your resume, in which you will go into more detail

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Dependence and Massage

Did you know that an estimated 16.6 million people were classified with dependence and/or abuse of either alcohol or illicit drugs last year in the United States? That's 7.3% of the population! Of these, 3.2 million abused drugs, 11 million abused alcohol and 2.4 million were considered abusers of both alcohol and drugs.

Brigitte Mars, author of Addiction-Free Naturally, writes that massage and bodywork "are tremendously helpful for those struggling to give up addictions." Furthermore, researchers from the University of Miami's Touch … Read More »


A Massage History Lesson

The apparatus we term as a "massage table" is less than 100 years old, arriving sometime during the late 1920s. According to the World of Massage Museum in Spokane, WA, prior to the … Read More »


Creating Successful Business Cards: Tips for the Discriminating Business Owner

  1. What's in a name: Name recognition is incredibly important for the success of your business. Make sure your company name stands out. Use a large font for your company name. The name of your company should be set in at least 12 point type. (This document is written in 12 point type.) Use an easily read font as well. Many people make the mistake of using wild fonts trying to be clever or "artsy." You want to make sure your potential client can easily read the name of your company (and the rest of the information presented for that matter.) Generally, it is a good idea … Read More »

8 Steps for a Successful Job Search

Step 1: Know Your Skills

A survey of employers found that 90% of the people they interviewed could not explain their skills. They could not answer the question, ?Why should I hire you?? The consequence of not being able to answer that question is that your chances of getting the job are greatly reduced. Knowing your skills (and having the examples to back up your claims) offers you an advantage in the job search and helps you write a more effective resume.

If you have not spent time on this issue, you should. It is very important for both planning your … Read More »


What Is This Independent Contractor Business Anyway?

According to the IRS, "The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if you, the payer, have the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not the means and methods of accomplishing the result."

The concept of the independent contractor sometimes called "subcontractor" or "freelance" massage therapist falls essentially along the same lines as owning a private practice. However, keep in mind that it is rather difficult to provide a clear definition that … Read More »


52 Steps to Your Success!

  1. Come into the Career Services office and familiarize yourself with the staff and all of the resources that are available to you. Fill out and turn in an Information Request Form inquiring about any career related information that you have been curious about.
  2. Begin researching different employment options within the massage therapy industry. Talk to the Career Services staff, your instructors, graduates of the program and employers about what is available and possible in the field.
  3. Research the licensing laws governing massage therapy/skin care in the state(s) and/or … Read More »