Dependence and Massage

Did you know that an estimated 16.6 million people were classified with dependence and/or abuse of either alcohol or illicit drugs last year in the United States? That's 7.3% of the population! Of these, 3.2 million abused drugs, 11 million abused alcohol and 2.4 million were considered abusers of both alcohol and drugs.

Brigitte Mars, author of Addiction-Free Naturally, writes that massage and bodywork "are tremendously helpful for those struggling to give up addictions." Furthermore, researchers from the University of Miami's Touch Research Institute state that massage therapy definitely has its place in dealing with addictions, especially nicotine. These researchers state that their findings suggest that massage and "self-massage may be a convenient and cost-effective adjunct therapy for reducing [addiction]-related anxiety." The authors of this study admit the "underlying mechanism for the effects of [massage] are not clear," but there is certainly something effectively at work here helping addicts.