Success Stories

Here are just a few of the inspiring success stories of our graduates.

Heather Troxell, Dallas Campus

After graduating from TCMT and becoming employed as a brand new therapist at massage envy, I quickly rose to be the top (most requested) therapist at the spa! I could not have done it without my amazing training from my Steiner school and amazing teachers! Thank you all! I was shocked to see the feedback from the clients in just one short month, I reached more than I thought was possible! The extensive training I recieved was more than worth it!

Eria Miller, Westminster Campus

Given me the education to further peoples health.

Deborah Nelson, Baltimore Campus

I am excited to say that I passed my MBlex examine and am patiently awaiting the state licensure exam.

Philip Bennett, Baltimore Campus

i came to baltimore school of massage with a plan. i stuck with my plan and passed my mblex one week before my grad date. then i relocated to texas and within three days i had taken and passed the texas jurisprudance exam. i am in process of recieving the actual hard copy license for texas. my advice. make a plan and dont waiver from it no matter how hard you yhink things are.

De'ambria Downs, Dallas Campus

Attending the Texas Center For Massage Therapy opened me up to a lot of things I never imagined myself doing. I now can have a nice professional conversation with anyone i cross paths with. The staff is so friendly and welcoming, they make you feel as if you're family. I loved that the most about attending the school.

Danielle Dyke, Dallas Campus

I moved from Dallas, Texas to Overland Park, Kansas one week after finishing my internship and two weeks after classes. STRESSFUL! However, I had three interviews before I even got to KS and was offered two of them within the week. Now I love my job at the spa I work in and wouldn't imagine it any other way!

Jon Coats, Salt Lake City Campus

I am a graduate of the core program and Structural Track at U.C.M.T. This has allowed me to be a teacher, T.A., And Clinical T.A. At U.C.M.T. and N.S.M.T. I have had the opportunity to Open with opening crew of three 4 star spa's in the las vegas area and to work at a couple other spas. All I Can say is Thanks :)

Jon A. Coats

Sandra Sacco, Newington Campus

I have been in medical setting for over 25 years, I heard that with this
career choice I could work less hours and make what I am presently making
working 40 plus hours weekly.I am hoping to find position that would allow
me to do that and at the same time let me utilize my new career and all I have learned at my school, I am in a very hectic office enviorment now and I just want to slow down relax and enjoy rest of my life going slower not 100 miles an hour every day. I have learned so much and do not want to loose what I learned so hopefully find something soon

Lizzette Torres, Scottsdale Campus

I had the best experience in clinic, with new clients every week and some repeated clients ! i love all the feedback that they will always give me. i loved the fact that all the instructor taught us all they knew unselfishly. Cortiva is one of the best schools and i really enjoyed being there.

Eleanor Pettipaw, Baltimore Campus

I was on the track to becoming a massage therapist the minute I walked thru BSOM's doors. The instructors, career services, and administration were helpful in assisting me to achieve my dream.

I have taken and successfully passed the NCE and am presently awaiting the MD State licensure results.

I have interviewed with two establishments and have received immediate replies from both requesting my services as a massage therapist.

Now, I just have to decide which one to work's a great feeling to be in demand!!!

Thanks BSOM!

Laurie Peters, Newington Campus

I loved my experience as a student at ccmt and One of my dreams is to teach there someday! I am currently renting a space in a salon and working slowly but surely on building a clientelle, it's not the ideal setting but I realize I am just starting and will eventually get to where I want to be. Going to school at ccmt was like a metamorphosis for me. The experience shed all the layers to reveal my true self and higher calling! I remember walking through the doors for the first time and thinking"wow! Not only do I belong here but I've waited my whole life for this, for where I am, here and now" I treasure each and every moment at ccmt, every lesson, experience and person that was a part of such an inspiring, magical, enlightening journey! I feel like a baby bird just spreading her wings for the flight and best part of life! And I've been given the tools to help others, which as a massage therapist is really my main purpose after all. I'm grateful for ccmt for making it possible and for …
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Tiffany Reid, Westport Campus

After graduation I constantly checked career services website and I was surprised to find that many places in CT, my state were hiring. I applied to 3 jobs and they all got back to me within 24 hours. I finally settled on way place, a spa that is not too far from me. I will be starting this coming week. I appreciate this website and all of the tips and tools for success. I am happy with my decision and I think this is a good tool to use when starting out. It constantly adding job postings. And always include a contact person, which really helps. I guess that's it.

Michaela Cox, Aurora Campus

I know we all hear the single mom story. Yes it is extremely hard. Yes I had many struggles from sick kids to job issues. But with that story comes this fire, this desire to thrive. A desire to be the best. This is what DSMT gave me. The drive to keep pushing forward, to keep climbing. It was in me all along, this massage therapist and it took everyone of the staff and their unique personalities to bring it out of me. Through all the frustrations and tears , I know this was the best decision I've ever made. I have a great job in a modality I love, this is a dream position for a new graduate at a respectable wellness center.

I honestly can't thank you all enough for the new life you've given myself and my family.

Michaela Cox

Kristen Denuccio, Las Vegas Campus

After taking a big dive into something I had no clue about, I made possible everything surrounding me. Going from getting D's and F's in all of my public school years, to getting A's and B's in subjects I didn't even know existed... That's what opened up my brain into a universe of possibilites. At this point in my life, after graduating from this school, (never graduating anything before) I realize there is nothing I can't do... if I put myself to it. Thanks to the NSMT staff for all of the support they offer, which is A LOT of more support even some peoples family provide, some could say they are more family than blood can give you. Now I can raise my 3 year old daughter safely and (almost) stress free. Relief, knowing that I will some day take my daughter to the beach to feel the sand... Having a house, a car that runs, our health, and happiness is all the success I ask for in return for working hard helping those in need.

Robert Medley, Phoenix Campus

I came to Phoenix on a greyhound bus two years ago with nothing but the close on my back, I now have a house and am a licensed massage therapist as well as a licensed barber!!! I own my own business and am growing in my life personally and professionally.

Shannon Strong, Newington Campus

"You are never too young or too old to go to school." I returned to school at the age of 37 to advance my career in personal training. After completion and then taking a year off from study, I decided to study again with CCMT. I am so glad I did! I advanced my knowledge of the human body and biomechanics as well as palpation skills. CCMT was an awesome experience! I now know where I want to continue my education and further my career.

Mark Desantis, Groton Campus

In my first year as a Massage Therapist I have worked part time at Vitality Spa in Old Lyme CT. I also have worked as a volunteer with the Connecticut Sun of the Women's National Basketball Association. I have completed 2 semesters as a teaching assistant at CCMT. In November of 2012 I opened my own business called Quality of Life Massage & Wellness in Bozrah CT.

Loic Lefevre, Westport Campus

I currentlyl work with professional and international athletes. Ironman, triathletes, boxers, MMA fighters, England bobsleigh team.
I will soon be working with the england Ultimate Frisbee team.
I became a medical acupuncturist.
I am going abroad at least 4 to 5 times a year to work on cycling races.

Loren Pesantes, Westport Campus

My experience at CCMT was wonderful, I enjoyed every minute in school.

Kara O'dwyer, Westport Campus

I wish I had discovered massage therapy years ago. I was blessed enough to find a job in my field within 3 months of graduation. I am still training to start working on clients, but my experience at CCMT will be with me forever. Once I get on my feet, I will pursue my own business practice further. The staff and my fellow students really helped me to get where I am today.

Rebekah Tedford, Groton Campus

I decided back in mid-summer 2011 that I didn't want to just be a guest service agent. I wanted a fulfulling career that could lead to me being my own boss. I have always had an interest in massage. So one day, I was driving home and I heard a commercial for the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. As soon as I got home I went online and requested information. All in the same day of hearing that advertisment, I was accepted and had finacial aid. It was like a door opened right up and allowed me. I feel I have made the right choice for my life. I love massage and I love helping people. This will be a very rewarding career for me and I'm excited to get started.

Azure Jackson, Dallas Campus

I actually found work at a chiropractors office while still attending school. My knowledge of massage anatomy, and talent is the reason I still have job.

Lara Ciosek, Newington Campus

Dear CCMT,
I graduated 2 years ago and it took me awhile to take the exam and i didn't pass the first time because I had such bad test anxiety ( I have PTSD ,depression, and anxiety). I missed it by 2 points. I left actually feeling good about it and immediately scheduled myself for another exam (30 days later) and I passed. Started looking for jobs and less then 2 weeks later I had a job.
I still work at Massage Envy and have been for a little over a year. It's very fast paced and you get payed by session, requests, member joining, and add ons ( aromatherapy, hot stone, etc.) The best part is you don’t have to do any of the scheduling (front desk does). Employees get 50% off massages but are only allowed to get massages Monday-Wednesday and can get bumped if a client requests the Therapist that would be working on you. So just exchange with your coworkers for free outside of work its easier and cheaper.
An hour session would go as follows... review file (prior to …
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Jorge Lara, Dallas Campus

The question that always persists anyone is based on what someone wants to do with their lives whenever they graduate from High School. Those who go to college, find it even harder to make a decision, and stay with that decision. I was one of them. I chose Massage Therapy at first because it was a short program, or so i thought. During those 7 and a half months I learned a lot. I became wiser, professional oriented, calmer, HAPPIER. This was by far the best decision I took. The chance to be a positive change in someones life is the most awarding thing that i ever thought possible. Making smiles happen is all what this career has become for me, and I couldnt ask for anything more.

Amanda Soliday, Westminster Campus

I graduated in December of 2012, worried that I wouldn't be licensed as quickly as I'd hoped. I had already taken the MBLEx before graduation, and passed with flying colors. Luckily, I WAS able to submit my fingerprints and background check, as well, as submit my DORA by early February. I interviewed with Massage Envy the day after my DORA approved. A week later, I began working. I've been with the company for one month now, and love it so much that I just picked up more hours! I work between two different locations (LoDo & Westminster), and I love the diversity. The company will be training me in Hot Stone, Prenatal, & Aromatherapy for free! I've already had multiple repeat clients, and am gaining new ones daily. I love when my client comes out of the room telling me how great they feel. This is why I went into this help others feel great, and that's exactly what I'm doing! I had a client who came out of a session and informed me that he hadn't had feeling in his …
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Wm. Thor Conner, Westport Campus

The education I received whetted my appetite for more. I have since gone back to medical school and become a Naturopathic Doctor. I have since encountered MTs from many schools and no one has the level of training I received at CCMT.

Kristopher Leyer, Salt Lake City Campus

I Graduated December 2012 from the Salt Lake campus and licensed in January in February I became an independent contractor at a new day spa in Holiday and am well on my way of becoming debt free with a career that I can not help but to enjoy.

Suzanne Matlosz, Tempe Campus

I work in a hospital setting and use my massage therapy skills for patient comfort and care as well as stress relief for the nursing staff. Patients specifically ask for me once they have experienced the healing touch of massage and the nurses laughingly fight for their 10-15 minute chair massage in between caring for their patients. I love this part of my "job"!

Amanda Soliday, Westminster Campus

I graduated in December of 2012, and was registered to practice massage in the State of Colorado by mid February 2013. I was hired at Massage Envy less than a week later. I'm working at two locations for the company, and I love it! They keep me very busy, which is great. They're offering free classes to me, such as, Hot Stone and Prenatal. I'm very excited to develop new skills and continue to grow as a therapist! If it weren't for the clinical internship program at DSMT, I definitely wouldn't have been prepared for the workplace environment in massage! It prepared me to work back to back in a fast paced environment, so I am very thankful. Thanks DSMT for the superb training!

Calvin Drake, Dallas Campus

As a new Steiner student three weeks into the program, I attended a Massage Heights recruiting event organized by Career Services. My intention was to just experience the process so that I would know what to expect when I attended a recruiting event later on in the program. Even though I only had one week of "hands on" training, I came prepared to perform a "hands on" practical as instructed by the Manager, Lynne Darden in Career Services. During my interview, I was asked by their Lead Therapist if I would be willing to perform a practical to demonstrate what I'd learned so far. I performed a "hands on" practical and was hired by Massage Heights shortly after. They placed me at the front desk for several months until I graduated the program and received my license.

Diana Aylesworth, Charlottesville Campus

I loved the time I spent at the Virginia school of massage, the classes and instructors were fun and engaging.From the time I first toured the school it just felt like good fit and I miss the amassages I got every week! Even since graduating the staff at VASOM are always there to answer any questions or help me in any way I need.

Brian Soleau, Scottsdale Campus

When I started going to school at Cortiva Institute Scottsdale I hadn't gone to school full-time in 27 years. I was very happy with my experience there! All the instructors and faculty were the best you could ask for! I couldn't wait to go to school and I never missed a day in 9 months there, I highly recommend this massage school to anyone!

Kristopher Leyer, Salt Lake City Campus

so far I have graduated and Have my License to practice massage. Still looking for employment

John Munoz, Aurora Campus

Glad I chose DSMT.

Alexandria Dorsey, Baltimore Campus

I got into a college my senior year of high school. I thought I had my whole life planned out. I went to CCBC for the fall semester 2009, because I got into Salisbury University for the spring semester of 2010. I was at SU for 2 semesters, and than I got sick. During these semesters, starting at CCBC, I got really sick. I was diagnosed with IBD in 2010, even though I have had the symptoms for a couple years. I had to come home from SU to take care of my health. I did not go back to school for a year.

I used to do "petty" shoulder and neck massages for my friends. One day I was watching TV and I saw the commercial for BSOM. I thought to myself, "Why not. Let's give it a try." I called to set up a meeting, and I fell in love with the school. I took the 12 month program because I was currently working full time in a daycare. I was going to work, 7-3:30, and going to school 4 nights a week, 7pm-10:30pm. I learned so much, I met some wonderful people that I continue to stay in …
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Calvin Drake, Dallas Campus

As a new Steiner student three weeks into the program, I attended a Massage Heights recruiting event organized by Career Services. My intention was to just experience the process so that I would know what to expect when I attended a recruiting event later on in the program. Even though I only had one week of "hands on" training, I came prepared to perform a "hands on" practical as instructed by Lynne Darden in Career Services. During my interview, I was asked by their Lead Therapist if I would be willing to perform a practical to demonstrate what I'd learned so far. I performed a "hands on" practical and was hired my Massage Heights shortly after. They placed me at the front desk for several months until I graduated the program and received my license.

Bonnie Kizilski, Newington Campus

I found a really kind and professional experienced LMT to sponsor me for my temp license!! Didn't want to wait!! So far it's going great!! Thanks Laurie

James Sorensen, Salt Lake City Campus

Although I am currently unlicensed, UCMT has been a tremendous godsend in my road to success while attending classes at the Salt Lake and Lindon campuses. The teachers and faculty put forth such a relentless effort towards making me the best Massage Therapist that I could possibly be. Through there tireless effort you could tell that there objective was super genuine, and they truly cared past just the classroom. My life was at a dead stand still before entering into the Massage program at UCMT. After the first day of butterfly's and insecure thoughts, It was like my entire self confident's flipped, and I enjoyed learning the new material, and applying it with a direct sense of self accomplishment. To say the least UCMT gave my life a remix and long overdue makeover I could only dream of. (Thank-you to the Teachers who pushed the envelope and went above and beyond the call of duty. )

James Allan, Sorensen

Brenda Mellor, Lindon Campus

I have 5 young children and I knew I wanted to be able to be with them as much as possible, so I turned the small bedroom on the main floor into a spa room. It has a large plush recliner for reflexology and my table set up for massage. It has a calming beach theme complete with sea shells and a wall size ocean scene canvas picture. I just completed setting up my LLC and I will be obtaining my city license and insurance by the end of next week. I have several clients already and I will have more once I get my new business cards to the local OB Doctor's office. There is an office in Springville that has 3 OB Doctors. They would like to refer their Maternity clients to me and I look forward to the challenge. I am as busy as I want to be and have plenty of time to care for my family. I love what I do and the difference it makes in the lives of my clients.

Kelsie Durrant, Lindon Campus

Participating in the Massage Therapy program at UCMT was definitely one of the best choices I've ever made. I met so many amazing people including both staff members and classmates; all of whom helped me learn and grow not only in the field of study but in my own personal life. I now have the training I need to have a career that I love, and have setup my own private practice for Massage Therapy/Bodywork.

John Anthony Munoz, Aurora Campus

I'm just happy I graduated and ready to go out there and start making people feel good.

Carolyn Franklin, Lindon Campus

I have been hired to work for a chiropractor in Provo named Dr. Chris Chapman. I will not start the job until after Christmas because they have been working on construction in the room. During my hands on interview i actually put the Dr to sleep a few different times he really enjoyed the massage.

Melisa Mills, Westminster Campus

I went to work at a day spa weeks after graduating from DSMT and started my own business at the same time. After going to college a few times I am proud to say I have found my "calling" :) I have went on to further my education in Cupping Therapy and essential oils as well as a few others. The list will continue to grow as the more I learn the better massage therapist my clients are getting. I love going into my office knowing that I get to help people and there is no greater job satisfaction than when my clients get off the table feeling far better than when they came in. To top it off my husband travels with different touring bands and is gone from home most of the time, My career gives me the flexibility to be there for our two daughters. I can honestly say I live the good life! :)

Kasey Jones, Dallas Campus

Never would I have thought that seeing that ad on yahoo home page would have changed my life immensely. I took the initiative to make that phone call to TCMT and my life took a complete positive turn! I went to school full time while also working as an admin at Massage Heights. While doing so I was learning the IMAP and outs of the field, it was awesome! A month before graduation, I took my MBLEX and passed! A few weeks after graduation I applied for my license and was certified in less that two weeks!! Now I am a full time LMT for massage heights and loving it! I have more time to spend with my two daughters and friends and family. It only goes UP from here! I plan to start my own business within a few years or possibly franchise.

Michelle Moen, Westminster Campus

I had been out of work for over a year, had sent out more than 2000 job applications with no response, and was at the end of my emotional and financial rope when I came to DSMT. From the moment I walk onto the campus, I knew I was in the right place. The staff and students were very supportive. Eventhough the course work was at times very challenging, there was always someone there to lend a helping hand if needed. Instructors were always available to explain things I didn't understand, and insure my success. DSMT/Steiner has given me the gift of freedom to achieve goals I never thought were possible. I can't thank you enough

Kacey Kisler, Lindon Campus

I have received many compliments on my professionalism and skills because of my training at UCMT. The courses really are detailed and prepare to face just about anything. Clinics prepare you and build your confidence for the real massage world. Awareness is the healer! Because of the training i received i get to interact with people on a different and more personal level each day and have an impact on their life! My life is also improved immensely because i am aware of the benefits of massage and consistently am getting bodywork done. My life has changed drastically since i have found massage therapy!

Melisa Mills, Westminster Campus

I moved back to Cheyenbe WY after graduation and opened my own business. The Lotus in Bloom. I do speaking events at every opportunity to educate people on the wellness benefits of massage. In fact that is how I got my very first clients from a speach and demonstration on the health benefits of massage that I gave at a state employee wellness event, and they are all still with me today, over a year later and I see them a minimum of once a month. Continued education is a must for me as my clients can benefit from the knowledge I gain. I have learned Cupping, lomi lomi, infant massage, and a few other things that have been invaluable to my clients and to my business. I make my own schedule, I am there for my two daughters when they need me. I am convinced that I have the best clients and most of all, I wake up everyday excited to go to work, knowing that I can effect the quality of someone's life in a possitive way! I have the best career ever!

Angela Clark, Houston Campus

I have a cosmetology license, now I'm in one of the best schools to get my
massage therapy license. The Texas center for Massage Therapy!

Leasha Sanders, Scottsdale Campus

I did not know what I wanted to do with my life until I finally gave massage therapy a chance. After this program I feel like I now have a purpose in life and in doing so I have been given the opportunity to help everyone that allows me to. Choosing this career has given me faith in myself and the motivation to keep furthering my education and knowledge of the human body and the whole growing field of massage therapy in general. The instructors at Cortiva Institute were supportive in every way possible and gave me this wonderful opportunity and made it FUN!

Jonathan Riggs, Tempe Campus

Hello! My name is Jonathan Riggs L.M.T. and I am a Massage Therapist indeed. A little bit about myself, I graduated from The Arizona School of Massage Therapy, Tempe, Arizona in October of 2009! I have been licensed for upcoming on three years now and carry Professional Massage Therapy Insurance from A.B.M.P. I have found my true talent and skill doing this work! I am excited to reach out to those who need bodywork and who want to learn about the benefits of Massage Therapy and other healthy practices~

My favorite type of massage is Injury Protocol Massage, focusing on specific areas using Advanced Massage and Structural Bodywork techniques with lengthening, lightening and loosening the musculature. These methods are designed to bring relief and pain reduction to stress, tension and worn out muscle areas. Also if the patient has a previous injury, this modality is geared towards the repair, rehabilitation and reconstruction of damage and inflammation that has affected the …
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Jeanette Hendricks, Tempe Campus

After almost 12 years of telling myself that "I can't do it, I just can't pass an anatomy class" and "massage is a dream job, nobody really gets to do their dream job", enrolling in 3 different massage schools, only to cancel each time, I finally enrolled at the Tempe Campus. The support I received throughout my 7 months there far exceeded any amount of support I had during my undergraduate and post graduate college career. It sure wasn't easy, but I did it.
I owe my happiness in my career to the wonderful staff at ASMT, Tempe Campus.
In the almost 2 years since I have graduated, I began my own private practice (out-call as well as in-studio), worked for a busy chiropractic office, and I am currently a TA at the Tempe campus, as well as TA-ing for weekend CEU courses.
You know you love your career when you would do it all for free! I am so humbled to be living my dream, finally!

Oh, and I have been TA-ing in Anatomy/Physiology 1 & 2, and Anatomy/Kinesiology …
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Anna Reschke, Charlottesville Campus

My name is Anna L. Reschke ,

My Story is I have tried different types of schools and never been able to complete a program in either one. I loved massaging my husband, my mom, and some friends. I checked out the website for VSOM, I was very much interested. I made an appointment, the moment I walked in the building, everyone was pleasant and very friendly. I spoke with Admission adviser, then I signed up for school. They worked with me through the entire schooling, made me comfortable. I could not have asked for anything better. Now I am in the process of studying and working towards taking my test.

Robert Regnier, Tempe Campus

Graduating a Steiner course opened many doors. I spent two years working in Japan while living with family. I have worked with NFL & MLB players, professional fighters, triathletes, Wounded Warriors, fighter pilots and many other athletes.
My schedule has been self-dictated for four years now. Life has been filled with travel, family and friends. I am surrounded by positive people and have an outstanding support system at SEG Career Services.

Paul Mendoza, Tempe Campus

Couldn't keep my integrity if i didn't thank the Steiner Institute for their life changing program. Not only am I working at a high destination resort/spa in fountain hills, I am doing what I love; which is to help acute any kind of pain. I am honored and excited to share this story with prospects that are interested in the holistic approach to healing!

Halley Lytten, Charlottesville Campus

Im happy to say because of this program i changed. I was going through a really rough time with alcohol and the legal system. This school taught me how to be me and showed me what i was made of. Everybody there has became family. I plan to go back to take the skin care class.

Tamara Dern, Westminster Campus

I am working on building my private practice and have been very pleased with the success so far! I also have been hired as a therapist at a chiro clinic/massage clinic.

Michelle Harrison, Dallas Campus

Since I was little I knew massage therapy was what I wanted to do. I was born 3 months premature with a lot of complications. A massage therapist came into the hospital and preformed massage therapy on me, and if I wasn't for her, I wouldn't be in such great health as I am today. That inspired me to become a massage therapist and help someone who I just as in need as I was. However, my parents were not supportive of me in my decision to become a massage therapist. Half way through my program, I began to do body work on them and they realized that massage is definitely something that can help improve many things in ones body. When I graduated from Steiner, my parents said they were the most proud parents in the world and they're blessed to see me become a massage therapist and be a successful business woman. I thank the staff and faculty at Texas Center for Massage Therapy at Dallas for never giving up on me!

Nicholas SIlversmith, Tempe Campus

i graduated w/ class DM-04-0112, when through the program like a lot do. hard times but the help of the ASMT staff. i was able to move forth in the business, i work part-time at a bookstore in Phoenix, AZ and have my own private practice. sence starting my business i have got over 80+ clients with in the 6 short weeks, most my client base is college students. and i enjoy the time i work now. thanks to the great staff of ASMT i AM living.

Melia Harris, Westminster Campus

I haven't officially gotten my licensing yet, but when I mentioned which school I went to for my training, an employer said "Oh! Well then we're done with our interveiw. Get your license soon, Hun. You have a job now"

Kelsie Durrant, Lindon Campus

I came to UCMT looking for positive change, looking for a way to make something more meaningful of my life. I felt great about the program from the moment that I stepped foot on campus and spoke with some of the counselors about the program. I loved the feel of having teachers that actually cared about the students, loved the work they were doing, and wanted to share their success with us as students. They were always willing to take the time to make sure you were on-board, and you were getting the support that you needed. My classmates became my family, and though the year was rough, I always knew that someone had my back. Looking back, I wouldn't trade the last year for anything, because not only has it given me a career opportunity that I love, but has helped me tremendously in many other aspects of my life as well. Thank you UCMT, for making a huge impact in my life!

John Frederick, Westminster Campus

At SEG I can say the atmosphere changes your view of other people and yourself. I enjoyed my time as a Truck driver but if I had know that life could have been better I would have made the change along time ago. I am with my family a lot more, my health is better and I truly enjoy what I do for a living. It doesn't get any better than this.

Alicia Fleming, Phoenix Campus

As a graduated student and looking back I'm glad I attended SEG school of massage therapy to learn about massage. All the information was a bit more then I originally thought I'd learn. If I had to pick one class I liked the most I wouldn't be able to choose one. All of the classes were that interesting. All of the staff is supportive and helpful.

Laurie Neira, Groton Campus

My experience was goal oriented, encouraging, & was a self-empowering movement. Instructors carried that empowerment throughout their instruction & the overall mentality of therapeutic massage.

Rebecca Schobinger, Westminster Campus

Thanks to the staff at Westminister I graduated they are the best at what they do Thank you.

Rebecca Schobinger, Westminster Campus

The staff at Westminister is the best they helped when needed and encoraged when needed Thanks to them I graduated.

Rebecca Schobinger, Westminster Campus

I love the staff at Westminister they are the best,when I needed help they helped and encouraged me Thanks to all of them I graduated.

Tabatha Milam-smith, Dallas Campus

I do not have a success story at this time. I am only working part time for a chiropractor, which Lynne HELPLED me get. Thank you Lynne. And my side stuff, PRIVATE PRACTICE in Waco. I have big BIG plans though so just wait..... TO BE CONTINUED.

Rhonda Duarte, Aurora Campus

So far so good. I could not continue to be without a job so, I created my own. I found a place to rent a room in. It's small. It's a start. I made it through my first month ok. Hoping to double my income and have a decent clientel established. Trying to start a business on nothing but the bare essentials is not easy, but it is do able. I'm happy and people continue to call.
My bills are getting paid and that's what matters and God continues to Bless my business. I owe it to Him. Without Him none of this would be possible.
My whole career Began with Jesus and will end with Jesus.
God Bless you ALL out there.
Rhonda Duarte

Jonathan Rice, Aurora Campus

Before graduating I was set up to go to master program with a job tutoring in Nevada and a beautiful apartment. Already being an Steiner employee at my previous Denver campus and continuing in Nevada has made a longing to stay in such amazing, professional and nuturing enviroment so i plan to explore the resort side of Steiner in January. Thank you for everything SEG!!!

Tracy Dolezal, Dallas Campus

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist!!

Becky Schobinger, Westminster Campus

I thought that I would not be able to do it Thanks to the wonderful staff at Westminister they keep me going,they are truly awesome.

Angela Ray, Tempe Campus

I am so glad I finally enrolled in massage school. Massage was my calling since childhood but I didn't know that at the time. Right now, I am working as an outcall therapist. Business for me is taking off like crazy. I am so grateful for all the staff members who taught me so much. I will never forget them nor the lessons they taught me. I have so much respect for them all. Thank you.

Gabriel Gabaldon, Westminster Campus

I originally thought I would be a Massage Envy Thornton employee. They didn't have room for another male therapist. I was bummed out, but I heard Massage Envy Broomfield was hiring. Then I heard about Westminster. I didn't even know there was a Massage Envy where I work. I heard so many bad things about Massage Envy, but I work out of Westminster and Lodo and I love that I went to school. I sacrificed my nights for one year, but now I'm making full time money doing part time work and this is as an employee. Doing private practice, I can only imagine how much more money I can rake in once I get a steady clientele. I didn't enjoy all of what the Denver School of Massage had to offer, but fact is I was prepared to work in the field I went to school for. The faculty and staff cared about the students there and because of that I was able to hit the ground running, getting the job before I even graduated. Last thing, tips at Massage Envy are great, more so at Westminster.

Cynthia Robbins, Las Vegas Campus

Starting school again at 31 was challenging for me. Not knowing what to expect or not knowing other people. NSMT always made us feel welcome and that we could do anything we put our heart and will to do. I had a very large class (55 students) different backgrounds, ages, beliefs, but all in all we were all there for the same goal. We became a family! Throughtout the several months of school I personally dealt with my share of life issues from appliances breaking, marital issues, death in the family, money issues, moving to another home and the biggest, my health.. In and out of hospitals and missing school, making up quizes and sitting many times in class sick to my stomach and on medication. Throughout my experience I always had the love and support from my classmates, teachers, and school staff. I'm thankful each and everyday for that. I loved attending school and was sad when it came to an end. I stood tall and proud to walk with my class at graduation. It was a long journey that …
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Rhonda Duarte, Aurora Campus

I really am not ready to give a success story as of yet. I have yet to obtain any employment in my newly found career, which I diligently studied and prepared for. I just recenly received my License and Registration snd am eager to find employment as soon as I can or develop my own business on the side of another job which ever comes first. Really, I need money to make things happen.
If you really must have one.
I started on this new career path 5/23/2011 for day classes. Two weeks into the program I had to drop out due to a family emergency. Then resinged up in 8/01/2011 for evening classes. A month later my husband and I had financial problems this was up and down. We had no participation in the holidays due to financial depression. Then my husband moved with his brother and family to Montrose, CO leaving me to finish school and pursue my career as a Massage Therapist while he took Mining classes to get into the Mines on the Western Slope of Colorado. Finances continued to …
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Kyra Piceno, Salt Lake City Campus

I never thought I could make a career out of massage until the day my mom was told she would never walk again. She didnt want to take that for an answer so she started looking into massage school.
She told me she was going to go to UCMT and I decided I would go with her I fell in love with massage and the program and after struggling for years with infertility and my body never feeling like it should it proved to be the best decision I ever made.
I plan to work with women suffering from infertility to help them get the help I found in school my instructors were amazing and the faculty were exceptional! I am currently preparing to take the federation exam and have a job lined up at sheer connections here in Utah. I never could have done it with out the amazing support from my family and my UCMT friends

Lourenco Da Silva, Salt Lake City Campus

My name is Lourenco, I’m originally from Săo Paulo –Brazil. Now I live in Las Vegas, NV. I’m in love with health and fitness. Being an athlete myself I truly understand the importance of a healthy, strong and destressed body and this is one of the reasons why I decided to become a Massage therapist.

I got both of my degrees (Professional and Master Body worker) at The Utah College of Massage Therapy (ranked among the top/ best schools in the nation) and graduated among the 3 top students of my class. My strengths include: Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Hot Stone, and Structural Integration, to name a few.

Straight from school I had the privilege to work for the professional soccer team, Real Salt Lake, and it confirmed to me that I had made the right choice investing over 1000 hours in my education! I continued my journey working with an extensive varied of athletes ranging from “weekend warriors” all the way to NBA, NCAA, NFL, MLS, MMA, and YOU GET THE …
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Samantha Barela, Westminster Campus

Hi ny name is samantha barela, i was raised by a young single parent and didnt graduate high school i realized that my life was not going any where so i decided to change that, so i moved to denver in december of '10 and by january of '11 i was enrolled in the program ,i am very proud of myself for completing the program. The staff and teachers were so helpful and motivational. This program changed my life and made me a better person. I could not have done this without the support of my family friends and the staff.

Barbara Angotti, Newington Campus

As noted above, I graduated before SEG took over. I learned Spa treatments when I began working at The Spa at Norwich Inn in August, 2004. The Spa trains new massage therapist employees in the treatments (outside of massage) offered at the Spa.

Amelia Sudick, Westminster Campus

This school has given me the opportunity to do everything I've wanted to at this point in my life. I have been given an opportunity to work alongside professionals of over 10 years, work my own hours, charge my own prices, and see new places at any time really. There are a lot of options within massage therapy and I wouldn't go back and change my field of study for anything.

Rebecca Schobinger, Westminster Campus

Thanks to such a wonderful staff I graduated and could not be more grateful what a wonderful experience. Just do it this was awesome, Thanks doesn't even cover it.

Alisa Fierro, Phoenix Campus

I received my massage certification from Arizona School of Massage Therapy, located in Phoenix, Arizona in 2004. My modalities include, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Techniques, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reflexology and Trigger Point Therapy. I have nearly eight years of experience as a Massage Therapist and owner of my own business in the Massage field. In 2009, I had the opportunity to teach a professional massage program at a medically based college in Glendale, Arizona. I proudly shared my knowledge and love of bodywork with my students and watched them become professionals in their field.
I have worked closely with many Chiropractors and one Naturopathic Physician over the years. I have donated numerous hours of my time, giving back to the community by volunteering services and have also attended many health fairs to educate the public on the benefits of good health and massage. Every two years I attend continuing education workshops to learn …
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Jessica Lima, Groton Campus

A couple of years ago I wasn't sure of what I'd love to be doing. I was about to graduate from Mitchell College and not loving my undergraduate degree in Sports Management. After receiving my first deep tissue massage at the Norwich Day Spa I was hooked I knew that I needed to start massage school. I started researching schools and CCMT in Groton was only 15 minutes away from me, so I was excited. Went in and talked to Sue and I was hooked. I didn't start right away because of personal circumstances but in January of 2010 my journey to become a massage therapist was enroute. A year and a half later I graduated and I'm currently studying for my national certification! I wouldn't and couldn't imagine my life without massage and all of the support from the staff and CCMT!

Cindy Neumann, Westminster Campus

I am thrilled to be working in a career that I am truely compassionate about. I knew from the very moment I set foot on campus that I was in the right place. School was difficult, but my classmates/friends and the teachers made it all possible. I miss them all very much even still. It was such a great environment to be a part of. I remained focused and positive and am now finding fulfillment in every body I touch. It is so rewarding to know that I am really helping people, really truely helping people. DSMT was my home for 7 months, and I miss them all terribly. Thank you for the opprotunity to find my calling. Thank you.

Wendell Doman, Tempe Campus

The Professional Massage Therapy Program challenged me to be my best. I resolved to focus my efforts to achieve to the best of my ability and commit to a rewarding and fulfilling career.
While in school, I was inspired to earn a 4.0 GPA, complete 5 massages at every clinic shift, attend all 815.5 hours of classes, win the AMTA-AZ Student Essay Contest, and begin a career as a wellness professional! This meant getting certified as a Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Shortly after becoming certified, I started a position at the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA as a Personal Trainer.
After graduating, I took steps to improving my business accumen and gained a lot of clout and success as a Personal Trainer. I passed the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards' Massage and Bodyworker Licensing Examination. I am dually licensed in Arizona and California. I joined both the American Massage Therapy Association and the American Psychological …
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Jimmy Gialelis, Salt Lake City Campus

Switching careers from restaurant manager to massage therapist was a huge leap for myself. During massage school, I often wondered if I “fit in” with everyone in my class. After experiencing the many wonders of healing touch, opportunities soon presented themselves and I was quickly drawn to the spa industry.

Upon graduating from Salt Lake City class D-53, I moved to California to pursue employment in posh day spas. The experience was tremendous and I learned I do belong in the health and wellness industry. Over my twelve years in this business, I have worked in Pomona, CA; Lake Barrington, IL; Salt Lake City, UT; and Phoenix, AZ. Working in all these cities offered new life lessons to learn, exciting people to meet and lives to change with the healing power of touch.

Currently, as an instructor at the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe, AZ, I have witnessed what healing living and weekly massages can accomplish. Lives are changed in positive ways …
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Rachel A., Boston Campus

“When I tell people I am a massage therapist, they often ask me, “What brought you to massage therapy?” For me, that’s a question with many answers. After graduating from college I naturally started looking around for a job to begin my new, non-academically centered life. I searched for a job that would contain some personal meaning for me, a job that would make me feel I was making a difference in world and helping others around me. That seemed to be a very tall order for a troubled economy. If I found a company I liked, they weren’t hiring and if they were hiring, it wasn’t something I could imagine myself doing day in and day out. I eventually started working a bakery and really enjoyed the hard work and long hours but at the end of the day I didn’t feel like my heart was happy.

“During this time, my mother was diagnosed and treated for multiple myeloma. During her treatments, she often received foot and hand massages from volunteers. They were the highlight of her life …
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Robin Wooten, Tempe Campus

“I attended Arizona School of Massage Therapy, Tempe Campus, graduated March 2011. Getting to graduation was not easy. I fell, I stood back up, and I carried on. I was successful, because I immediately found my mentor who helped me mold my game plan, I created my own positive atmosphere, and I persevered. My perseverance made me what I am today, a successful, Nationally Certified, Arizona Licensed, Professional Massage Therapist.

“Throughout school, when the program was getting tougher, my positive atmosphere kept me focused. I was not going to fail, NO WAY! I continued to remembered some very poignant advice a wise confidant gave me. ‘Always walk with a purpose, keep your head held high no matter where you are going, whether it be to the bathroom, next class, or wherever, because, you never know who is watching you. You are in a glass house, being interviewed constantly‘. This advice stuck, it helped me climb the ranks in Corporate America, get me through massage school, and …
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Gina Tatum, Phoenix Campus

The following is a newspaper article about Gina Tatum, an ASMT graduate from the Phoenix Campus published in the Sonoran News.

“At a young age, Gina Tatum’s mother declared her daughter’s hands ‘magical.’ And so the path was set that Tatum would end up, as her mantra says, ‘Healing the planet, one body at a time.’

“As a licensed massage therapist, Tatum uses individually tailored ‘recipes for healing’ for each client. This may include anything from Reiki to Swedish to deep tissue massage along with herbal lotions or essential oils. ‘I have a variety of tools,’ she explained and she determines which to use once she has spoken with the client and determined his or her needs.

“Some people assume therapeutic massage is only for those with workers’ comp-type claims or injuries from auto accidents. Not so at all. With gentle manipulation, Tatum can relieve a migraine in a single treatment. Or, she can provide a relaxing massage for those overworked and …
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Lois Worst, King of Prussia Campus

“After researching and visiting several massage schools, I chose to attend Cortiva Institute in King of Prussia, PA. I was drawn to this school both by the presentation made by Jeffrey Mann, the President, at an open house I attended and by the quality of the instructors. There is a warm, friendly, supportive and caring atmosphere throughout this school and I feel very fortunate to have had some of the best teachers in the field of massage! All teachers taught creatively with enthusiasm which reflected their passion of massage as well as the theory. We had ‘fun’ while learning! All were there for the student on any given day, helping in any way they could to ensure your success and support your ‘journey’ through your studies.

“The quality and intensity of education I received fully prepared me to succeed in the field of massage. I left with not only a strong foundation of massage and the business but also a well-rounded understanding of other massage modalities that I …
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TEWFIK DEHAS, Chicago Campus

“My mom used to be a massage therapist in Algeria in North Africa. I was always around and saw how she made people feel better. People kept coming back to her. She was kind of famous in our community. She learned massage from her father/my grandfather - it was passed down. I was really influenced by her.

“I moved to the United States in 2008 and knew I wanted to have the type of life my mother had: helping people feel better. I found Cortiva online and am certain I made the best choice. The quality of the teaching, communication, and connection is awesome. I just loved it. I just wanted to come back to school every week and feel the energy here. Every time you asked for help, someone is there to give you what you need. It was hard because English is my fourth language. They facilitate everything which is great.

“I graduated in June 2011 and went back to Africa for a month. When I returned from my visit, my state license arrived and I got job offers on …
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Jillian Burton, King of Prussia Campus

“Thanks to my education at Cortiva, I am now an employee at an amazing Massage Envy in Utah. I also started out as a chair massage marketing therapist and moved into a position as full time office therapist AND marketing assistant at a Chiropractor’s office.

Finally, my ultimate side dream came true and I got a “10 out of 10” on my practical to be a ‘dotbot’ for the internationally known backstage massage team with Dr. Dot.”

Kalynn Stapley, Phoenix Campus

School was amazing and I am so glad I decided to choose that career path!!!

Mary Kelly, King of Prussia Campus

“After many months of searching for massage schools on line and in person I was very impressed with Cortiva and their web site. Not only did I receive a quick and professional response to my emails, but the staff was more than generous in answering all of my questions. Additionally, they allowed me to tour the campus at a time that was convenient to my schedule as a busy mom of two boys.

“I truly enjoyed having two precious gems as teachers: Alex Mykietiuch and Beth Minker. What a wealth of information between the both of them that was shared often and freely. Now, four years later I enjoy sharing what I learned at Cortiva with my clients in my own private practice, Massage Solutions, LLC.

“Cortiva has given me the confidence to pursue my passion in serving others and continues to do so by offering advance educational classes. I would highly recommend Cortiva Institute to anyone who is looking to start a career in the healing arts. They are one of a kind and stand …
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Kalynn Stapley, Phoenix Campus

I have not received my license yet but I am still practicing my craft and starting to apply for jobs!

Kathryn Green, Westminster Campus

When I first started pondering about where my life was headed I had no clue where to start, and I was in the deepest of ruts. Not making enough money, my family was in tatters, verging on becoming homeless and looking for easy ways out. I started browsing the web for different schools in the area and found Denver School of Massage Therapy (DSMT) on one of the searches. Needless to say I inquired for more information and with in seconds received a call from the school to schedule a walk through.

When I first walked through the doors of DSMT I was greeted warmly and genuinely by the staff and had no reservations about my decision to be there to at least check it out and see if massage was really the path for me. I was met by an amazing woman named Jodi who was so vibrant and passionate about all things massage and success oriented. She was such a treat! She showed me the school, gave me an honest break down of the curriculum and all the fees I should expect for …
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Jeremy West, Las Vegas Campus

I just graduated less than a month ago and am in Masters right now so dont have a success storry just yet, but will have one very soon.

Derrick Privott, Las Vegas Campus

When I first came to NSMT I was so nervous , and so tight that they were afraid that I was going to hurt myself. It helped me to believe in myself, and that I can be a good massage therapist.

Lilly Kandaris, Scottsdale Campus

“I think I have always wanted to pursue massage therapy in my life. During my first career as a ballet dancer in NYC, I came to experience and appreciate the many benefits to receiving Massage Therapy. Over the years since then, I had continued to reap the benefits of massage so much that I decided to give back and become a licensed massage therapist! I thoroughly enjoyed my studies at Cortiva. The highly educated and talented instructors have taught me many skills that I now utilize in my own practice. My clients continue to book appointments with me as they are seeing good results from their sessions with me. I also recently passed the National Certification Exam. I feel that Cortiva has prepared me with the knowledge and skills it takes to be a successful massage therapist. The overwhelming support I received was very nurturing during the time I was in school as well as the continued support I receive as a graduate. I found work right after graduation that is fulfilling and …
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Danielle Pittam, Scottsdale Campus

“When I started massage school we were asked to write ourselves a letter to ourselves. In it we stated where we thought we would go with our massage careers and some encouraging words to send us on our way when we graduated. It’s amazing to me how completely off I was, and how much I grew, not just in my career, but in myself through school. I thought that I wanted to be in the medical aspect of massage. I thought that it would be awesome to work with people who have cancer or multiple sclerosis, or people who are ill or injured in one form or another because the power of massage can do so many thinks medicines can’t. I was wrong. It took one 30 minute sit in on a class that had a guest speaker who was a paraplegic for me to figure out that that particular angle of massage was not something I could handle well.
“As classes continued I learned that I truly enjoyed helping people relax, give them tips for caring for themselves at home, and creating an overall sense of well being …
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